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A fixed price can be given for recladding your house and window and roof upgrades (should they be required).

Unfortunately a fixed price can’t be given for timber replacement as this won't be known until the framing is exposed once the cladding is removed.

Timber replacement is different for every house. This is dependent on timber treatment, the amount of rot in the timber, the amount of time the timber has been exposed to moisture and the volume of moisture that is present in the timber.

Reclad Project

The cost of repairs will depend on the nature and extent of the damage.

This can only be discovered by a property inspection after which time a scope of works is drawn up.

The problems could be fixed with a targeted repair or require a full reclad.

In addition to replacing exterior wall claddings, you may need additional work to repair elements such as window flashings if they have contributed to the problem.

Don't delay in getting an inspection. Once water has penetrated cladding it can cause damage to the wooden structure of the building, and this could end up being more expensive to fix.

But if you are recladding, you have the opportunity to modernise, create a different look or add new elements to your home and this can actually increase the value.

Repairing the home is the only option if you are thinking of selling. Selling a leaky home even at a discount is difficult. Disguising the problem from potential buyers can amount to fraud if uncovered and if the problem is disclosed, it’s going to lower the property’s value.

Platinum Pacific Reclad are able to offer warranties which cover the repairs made to your leaky home. This warranty protects the property owner in the event of a secondary failure of the repairs. The ability to offer this warranty means you can have confidence your home is being repaired by specialists whose standard of workmanship can be trusted.

If you think you have a leaky home it is important to talk to a professional as soon as possible.

Platinum Pacific Reclad use independent weather tightness experts to give you greater peace of mind.

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