full-recladIf the problem is not isolated to one area or there is an endemic problem with the design, workmanship or construction/cladding materials, then a full reclad may be recommended.

We use an independent Registered Building Surveyor (Leaky Home Specialist) to investigate the damage to your property.

The Registered Building Surveyor will identify areas of your home that require remedial work and can recommend a recladding process to repair damaged framing, fix any design, construction or workmanship deficiencies and cladding issues.

A report detailing problems can be produced, and an estimated cost for the work to be completed.

Keep in mind that an estimated cost is an estimate.  Actual remedial work may cost more once the entire frame has been exposed and checked.

During the recladding process there will be scaffolding, window removal, tarpaulins and lots of dust. It is a building site so there can be potential safety issues, particularly if you have children. 

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