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The owners of 22 business units are suing the building products company James Hardie for negligence and breach of the Fair Trading Act over its Titanboard product, which was used in commercial buildings from the mid-1990s. They're to join a leaky homes lawsuit being brought by the law firm Parker & Associates.

A lawsuit against building products maker James Hardie Industries has lost its bid to let potential plaintiffs join after a December 31 cut-off date, as the law firm involved awaits a ruling on whether it can proceed as a class action.

Government claims that the country has moved on from leaky homes and building laws should be relaxed have been described as "looney tunes" by opposition MPs.

The building industry is warning the government not to go too far with plans to cut red tape across the building and resource management acts, after it revealed yesterday that it was considering recommendations from the rules reduction task force to allow builders to sign off more of their work, without needing to get council consents.

Albany leaky building victims lost a claim against national construction business Signature Homes and a builder who once traded under that prominent branding.

A leaky building lawsuit against cladding manufacturer James Hardie is looking more likely to expand into a class action, after more than 60 property owners have come forward as potential claimants in less than a week.

The owners of a leaky Auckland apartment building that was supposed to be fixed have been awarded a multi-million dollar payout after the first remedial work also failed.

Nearly 12 years after the original problem at the Fleetwood Apartments in Newton was detected the repair work has finally been finished.

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