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A leaky Auckland primary school says it was told nine months ago its 33-classroom rebuild plan would go to the Cabinet - but it is still waiting. Balmoral School is one of 15 schools for which the Ministry of Education is paying for air testing to ensure children aren't being affected by mouldy classrooms.

Principal Malcolm Milner said Balmoral, a decile 9 primary with 870 pupils, had been working with the government on rebuilding plans after it discovered rot and mould in a classroom block in 2012.

Since then parents and the board had grown increasingly concerned about their children despite the ministry assuring them the air tests showed the school was safe. Of the schools in need of repairs and getting air quality tests, Balmoral is near the top of the priority scale - a four out of five - and the ministry says it is one of those that requires "significant development".

The ministry said yesterday the plans were not with the Cabinet. Mr Milner said in any case, it should be a ministerial decision, not a political one. "These are children and it is the state's responsibility to ensure they are safe. If it's in the budget, then approve it. It should have been done by now."

Health Spokesperson for the Child Poverty Action group, Dr Nikki Turner said many people reacted to mould, particularly those with allergies or asthma. It could result in nasty coughs or infection, she said.

The government says it takes weathertightness issues seriously, and is currently assessing and addressing weathertightness issues at around 750 schools around the country. Many of these are tied up with the leaky buildings problems from the 1990s.

To date, the Ministry has spent around $360m on the weathertightness assessment and repair programme, which is expected to eventually cost up to $1.3billion. It also has a programme focusing on specific schools that require major developments- a fund of $300 million over six years to assist approximately 30 schools.

Source: NZHerald

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