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A cladding system refers to the external layer of the building which (in conjunction with the roof) provides a “weathertight exterior envelope.”   Different cladding systems can vary the overallaesthetic appearance of the building.It is a weather protection system and is one of the biggest design decisions to be made as it can fundamentally alter the way a property appears.

When recladding a home you can reclad in a plaster system or change to something different such as weatherboard.

The cladding system should be sympathetic to the design of the property.

Weatherboard is a popular choice, although there are other options such as panels which can be used to give different looks and finishes including textured or smooth. There is also masonry, fibre cement, brick, plywood panelling and even fibreglass, metal and aluminium.

Each option has different installation and maintenance requirements. The location of the building should also be taken into account – for example brick is not the best option in earthquake prone areas.

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