Stunning makeover of 1960's Neil home with cedar weatherboards and aluminium joinery.

After repairing, recladding and renovating.

Home after recladding with new deck
After recladding - and with a new deck
Leaky home after recladding
After recladding

This building was reclad with Palliside weatherboards and extensive alterations were made on both levels:

  • Changes to the internal layout upstairs included enlarging the bathroom so that a walk-in shower could be installed.
  • We also made alterations to the kitchen/pantry layout to improve indoor/outdoor flow.
  • An internal stairway was constructed linking the existing downstairs garage with the upstairs level.
  • The downstairs storage area was converted into a guest bedroom with ensuite.
  • The laundry was also moved from upstairs down to the downstairs level.
  • The original deck was removed and a much larger hardwood timber deck was installed with an aluminium/glass handrail.
  • The roof of the building was extended to cover the new stairwell area and the new deck – giving a very nice outdoor living area which is protected from the weather.
  • A significant amount of tiling was laid connecting the bathrooms, toilet, laundry, hallway, kitchen and entrance.

What it was like Before refurbishment and recladding

Old deck before repairs and recladding
Old deck before repairs and recladding
Rear of property before recladding
Rear of property before recladding

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