A major repair and refurbishment of both interior and exterior of a fire damaged property.

Epsom reclad project
Some minor design changes were made
Epsom reclad project
After recladding with Jenkin A-lign

This home had suffered extensive fire damage along with moisture issues resulting in major repair and refurbishment work on exterior and interior.

It was a solid plaster house with copper clad eyebrows over the joinery.

  • The building was reclad on a cavity system, with Jenkin A-lign bevel-back weatherboards.
  • New double glazed joinery was installed throughout.
  • Minor design changes were made and the roofing design was modified to compliment the overall style of the house.
  • All the interior wall linings were removed, reinstated and the interior was painted throughout.
  • New light fittings, kitchen, carpets and timber flooring were also installed, and all the bathrooms were upgraded and modernised.

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What the property looked like Before:

Before recladding
Above the entertainment area
Before recladding
Before recladding

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