Repair and reclad of large EIFS plaster clad home.

Magical reclad makeover.

Main entrance after recladding
Main entrance after recladding
View of side with entrance and rear
View of side with entrance and rear covered area
pool area after reclad
Rear pool area after Recladding
Riverhead home after reclading
New shaded area to enjoy the view
  • The building had a number of alterations designed, including increased living areas, turning existing garage into living area and forming a large covered outdoor living space.
  • New aluminium was installed to the entire building and bevel-back weatherboards were installed on a cavity system.
  • The existing metal tile roof was removed, the roof framing modified to form eaves and new roofing was installed.

Home before recladding and repair:

Pool area before recladding
Pool area before recladding
Home before recladding
Home before recladding

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