Extensive refurbishment including reclad and repair of the exterior.

Stunning reclad and renovation!

Leaky home after reclad
After recladding with new roof
Leaky home after reclad
After recladding with renovation of area above garage
  • This complex 2-3-storey monolithic dwelling was reclad, on a cavity system, in Jenkin A-lign bevel-back weatherboards.
  • The roof was also replaced with asphalt roofing shingles and the aluminium joinery was replaced with new double glazed joinery. The membrane was replaced to comply with both product and council requirements and new handrail detail, which had previously failed, was also modified and reinstated.
  • The bathrooms were modified, redesigned and upgraded.
  • The kitchen was remodelled with a new bench top and appliances and the entire interior was repainted and recarpeted.
  • The extensive Tasmanian Oak solid timber flooring was re-sanded and sealed to bring it up to look like new.

Before the property was Repaired and reclad:

Before recladding
Before recladding - signs of moisture
Before recladding
Above garage before recladding
Rotten timber framing
Rotten timber

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