This project involved the repair and recladding of a large EIFS solid plaster home.

After a recladding makeover!

Coatesville after recladding
After recladding
Coatesville after recladding
Chimney with Rockcote EIFS Cavity System
Coatesville after recladding
After Recladding
Coatesville after recladding
New pergolas
  • On this home, the aluminium joinery was modified, resealed and reinstalled and Jenkin A-lign bevel-back weatherboards were installed on a cavity system.
  • As part of the construction process, the chimneys were clad in Rockcote EIFS Cavity System, flashings were modified and new pergolas installed.
  • The house looked so new on the outside, the owners decided to have the inside completely repainted.

The property before the repair and reclad project:

Coatesville property before recladding
Before recladding
Coatesville property before recladding
Before recladding and additions

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