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Platinum Pacific Reclad are able to offer homeowners warranties which cover the repairs made to their leaky home.

The WaterTight warranty protects the home owner in the event of a secondary failure of their leaky home repairs.

Platinum Pacific Reclad owner Martin Bamford believes an independent, insurance backed warranty has been a long time coming and it offers another level of protection to the homeowner by bringing a third party to the table.

Why is being a WaterTight Approved Builder important?

Because it is a mark of quality in the work we do, so you can have confidence your home is being repaired by specialists whose standard of workmanship can be trusted.

Greater confidence for buyers and owners

Owners of leaky homes often have great difficulty selling their properties because of the risk associated with them.

As well as providing confidence to potential purchasers of a repaired leaky home, a warranty helps the owners.  With a robust, independently insured WaterTight warranty in place the property will sell faster and for more than they would without one.

What does the warranty include?

The warranty is administered by Builtin New Zealand who say that unfortunately there are companies and individuals offering leaky home repairs who are not qualified and won't be around in a few years when the work fails.

The key features of the warranty include:

  • Structural defects – guaranteed for ten years
  • Weathertightness of the building envelope – guaranteed for five years
  • Non-structural defects – guaranteed for two years
  • WaterTight repairs guaranteed up to $500,000
  • Loss of deposit and non-completion of the repairs
  • The warranty is transferable to another buyer, helping owners sell their houses faster and for more
  • Only builders with the right experience, qualifications and skills can display the WaterTight Seal of Approval and offer the WaterTight Warranty.

More information about the warranty including a premium calculator is available on the WaterTight Warranty website.

Weathertightness Guarantee

Platinum Pacific Reclad also offer a 15 year weathertightness guarantee with their property maintenance programme.

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